Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port


Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

What does the surveyor in the port? For what services do he pay substantial sums? And is it true that these people are just an ear with an eye, can you stop them? Are they omnipresent? We will penetrate the site, follow the work of surveyors and try to uncover the secrets of these independent inspectors with an impeccable reputation as supermen.


Ship inspection


The surveyor conducts such work, receiving a task from the insurance company, the owner or buyer of the vessel, the carrier. At the end, a survey report is compiled with recommendations and conclusions - Survey report.


So, the insurance company, for example, gives instructions to inspect the vessel for suitability for the flight. She is obliged to make a list of points and places on the ship that are especially interested in her, indicating that it is necessary to describe in more detail. And, as a rule, in the recommendations for inspection it is stated: the data should not be exaggerated and not underestimated, pay attention to the important points.


The surveyor has the right to expand the list of objects to be inspected, if he believes that this is relevant to the case.During the inspection, he gives a description of the crew, technical condition of communication, everything related to the safety of people, cargo and the environment. All actions are carried out in accordance with the instructions.


Instructions surveyor


1. Before the end of the inspection, the surveyor should send the customer reports by fax for each working day on a daily basis.


2. Andinspector pIt is recommended to mark all checked and supplemented items of the list provided by the customer so that the inspection progress can be traced.


3. For each item, the contractor should reflect the defects with a detailed reasoned description, conclusions and advisory opinion.


4. Each description must be accompanied by photographs, drawings, so that it is clear from the example, what is at stake, and it was possible to consider the scale of damage.


5. The surveyor must give a clear conclusion as to whether the vessel is suitable for operation, whether it can go on a voyage, how much it can insure.


6. The final report is sent by the performer immediately, having it drawn up on a special form with a signature and stamp, using codes to preserve the secrecy of the document.


Surveyor, inspecting the object, determines the main points:


- how durable the vessel is: is there any rusty metal (indicates the percentage of rust), cracks, scratches, dents, strong seams;


- Is it necessary to repair, capital or current, where it is recommended to make, how much it can do;


- what needs to be corrected, which nodes to replace, so that the vessel is serviceable and not at risk of sinking;



- what assessment can be given to the ship, based on the result of the inspection and the examinations and tests carried out: satisfactory, unsatisfactory, good, excellent;


- if the condition is unsatisfactory, the inspector concludes: whether the vessel should be replaced, whether it is possible to update it, how profitable it will be at work;


- recommendations are also made whether further checks are advisable or if the vessel should be decommissioned;


- if there are improvements, the surveyor notes whether the vessel should be installed to control or deficiencies can be eliminated in time, which is negotiated with the owner.


Deadlines for verification


The inspection is usually given two days, not counting the preparation of the report. If the surveyor does not meet the deadline, he will notify the customer in writing with an explanation of the reasons for the delay.


What does the surveyor check?


1. Ship documentation: certificate of title, classificationcertificate, ship's log, measuring certificate, engine magazine, list of crew members and passengers, health certificate, license to use the radio station, weapons permit for crew protection, documents stipulated by international agreements.


2. Equipment of the bridge, and in action, an alarm, communications, navigation lights.


3. Fire extinguishing agents, emergency exits, life jackets, lifeboats, rafts, the possibility of their quick launch.


4. First aid kit, the presence in the safe of narcotic drugs to assist and expendable log.


5. The case, noting the visible damage, corrosive areas, the thickness of the skin, indicating everything on the drawings, fixing the stretch marks, determining the degree of corrosion in percent.


6. Cargo compartments, hatches, covers, seals, pipes, flooring, hydrants, corners and joints for cracks.


7. The surveyor necessarily checks the ballast, because the safety of the vessel and people depends on it, therefore a hydrotest is always carried out, its results are attached to the report.


eight.Deck equipment, protective devices that prevent emissions of harmful substances into the sea, including dangerous goods, are fully checked.


9. Engine room, engines, pumps, measurements and testing are made.



10. Living quarters and galley, food and substances that can cause fire, good electrical wiring and the presence of electrical appliances.


11. The amount of available fuel (full stock) for the operation of engines to get to the next port, and fuel and lubricants, i.e. bunker survey.


Cargo inspection


Such work is carried out under the control of loading. For a report on the status of cargo surveyor determines:


1. In what technical condition are the engines and main equipment of the vessel, is there any damage before loading. He carefully goes around the computer room, polls the crew, recording the data in a report and sending it to the customer so that he can form his own opinion.


2. Then it checks the quality of the cargo intended for carriage, whether it corresponds to the one specified in the documents, necessarily makes quality tests in order to track whether the conditions of carriage have been observed.


3Inspects the integrity of the goods so that the quality during transportation does not deteriorate, storage conditions are observed, since this will directly affect the price. For frozen foods, the surveyor checks the temperature of the refrigerator.


4. Requires to present a certificate, documents for the goods, loading log with records.


5. If the boxes are damaged, the freezing conditions are violated, it fixes the damage, suspicious moments that may be controversial upon receipt of the goods.



6. Then the surveyor inspects the transport for loading, so that it is in good condition, the cargo during loading is not damaged. Be sure to control the placement of cargo on the ship, making sure there will be no bias.


7. The inspector checks how well the cargo spaces are secured, since he is responsible for the delivery.


8. Only he has the right to put a seal and an internal tracking device if the cargo is in containers. In the port upon receipt of the cargo, if the surveyor does not accompany it, the representative of the survey company or the surveyor himself removes the seal.


9. And only after all previous actions, the surveyor checks the weight of the cargo on the vessel’s draft, calculating it using a special formula.


Draft survey


This is the name of the process of determining the cargo on the draft of the vessel First, the surveyor makes measurements of the ship in several ways:

- nose;

- midsection;

- feed.


Then measures the left and right sides separately. Then makes calculations. Thus, the loaded or unloaded cargo is determined. Often the surveyor’s calculations are more accurate than the weighting shows. Usually such an operation is carried out before loading, after unloading.


There were cases when the surveyor refused to do a draft survey, if he suspected any kind of deception or saw that the weather conditions would not allow to make accurate measurements.


Dangerous goods


There are such cargoes whose properties should be well known to the surveyor, otherwise the consequences could lead to shipwreck.



For example, mineral concentrates, which are enriched ore. In the dry state is a normal load. But when it becomes slightly wet, it dilutes and no fasteners are not able to hold it. The load begins to shift inside the stack, which often leads to the ship tipping over.


If a specialist with no experience is working when sending, he may not be aware of this nuance. Then both the ship and the people will perish.Although the captain is responsible for the cargo and the crew, he should be interested in what he is carrying.


What determines the cost of surveyor services


A surveyor for his work receives a reward in the form of a percentage of the amount of the cargo being transported. Each survey firm individually decides on the issue of remuneration - usually the average amount does not exceed 5%, and, considering the total amount, this is pretty decent money. The percentage depends on the complexity of transportation, the importance of cargo, speed of delivery, danger to people.


So whether to contact the surveyors


The answer is unequivocal - of course, worth it. As a rule, after the fact, something happens, and even then foreigners have captured the market. And this is understandable - the cost is high, but there is a good proverb: “A miser pays twice,” and the sea does not forgive mistakes.


Therefore, firms that are engaged in transportation for a long time, no longer ask whether you can trust the surveyors. They work closely with them. Current practice of calculation is a guarantee of the quality of the surveyor’s service, since the customer pays money for the cargo delivered in safe condition.







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  • Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

    Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

    Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

    Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

    Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

    Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

    Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

    Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

    Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

    Surveyor - ear with an eye in the port

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