How to make a business out of an idea


How to make a business out of an idea

Business is creativity that achieves material rewards. You had an idea and came true, which means you are a creator. A person supplying his ideas with donor mechanisms is called an entrepreneur. From this a simple question arises: how to get out of the cloudy, thoughtful point A and get to business point B and not let the great idea get stuck in the labyrinths of imagination.

The main thing is the idea

Ideas are everywhere, just need to learn to notice them. Sometimes it is enough to go out and look around carefully. In the morning, a young mother puts a stroller into the car and seats her in the back seat. Surely she would not interfere with the nanny. Childcare agency is a good deal. Students near the new building of the institute eat sandwiches at lunch time on the benches. This place should be a low-cost youth cafe.

Business idea

Something the bread stall looks quite sullen, from the dilapidated inscription "Bread" blows despondency and longing. It would be necessary to update local attractions - an idea. For a small fee, the owners must agree.Moreover, a portfolio for the future will appear. Renovation of facades, kiosks and signage design is a very popular way for young people in Europe to develop their business.

Being attentive is very helpful. A beginner entrepreneur always pays attention to trivia, studies the Internet, listens to what people are talking about. And for those who already have an idea, it's time to decide which game you want to play.

Checkers or chess?

Execute orders to update the design of the appearance of outlets - short and fast games, comparable to the game of checkers. Winning will require sharp and creative thinking. As well as the ability to immediately describe to the customer an imaginary picture of its updated facade, store or kiosk, including the design of the signboard. In addition to wit, you will need to create a small circle “skillful hands” - contacts of painters, plasterers, veneers, artists that you can trust and, if necessary, call to order.

Chess on the table

Another way to start a business from scratch and without investment is to organize a child care agency. The network is full of ads "Required nanny." The demand for housekeepers is incredibly high at all times, but childcare standards are practically non-existent.Your task is to create standards and stick to them.

You register as an individual entrepreneur with the type of activity “Recruitment Agency”. It is advisable to choose one building supermarket and each time you make a purchase, contact the same seller. As a result, you will have a significant discount on materials, and your business will receive a decent premium in cash. Such a thing does not require any investment, and you will only need to register as an individual entrepreneur. The actions required for registration will be described below.

Then, possessing the skills of a psychologist, the best manners and the most detailed knowledge regarding childcare, place an ad “A nanny with no work experience is required.” At home, conduct interviews, select the best candidates and teach them how to become an ideal nanny. The next step is that you yourself respond to one of the announcements, head to the young family with one of your pupils, and arrange for the care of their sweet child.

Guy with a gadget
If you decide to start your own business and you have the idea of ​​a lengthy game, for example, to open a youth institution, then it’s time to start learning to think through your actions for many moves ahead, like playing chess.A beginner entrepreneur should carefully calculate the costs and revenues, but first of all it is necessary to determine the concept.

Business plan: concept and calculations

Any business plan starts with a concept. The concept is a detailed explanation of your idea in the smallest details. Enough volume, often several pages, and very responsible work. Concept - a vector that directs your business, the entrepreneur should not deviate from it. First of all, the concept explains how you position yourself.

On the example of an institution, the idea might sound like this: “Youth cafe with Italian cuisine in the middle price segment”, and positioning: “Student cafe with classic Italian cuisine without alcohol, except for traditional Chianti. Low prices in the menu due to the preparation of the original recipes exclusively from Ukrainian ingredients by the chef from Montalcino. The service is impeccable. ”

The concept includes a clear description of the target audience, how your idea differs from competitors, room zoning, menu, service, furniture, dishes and so on to the smallest details that can affect the image of your establishment.

Cook in the kitchen

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Calculations - the main part of the business plan.As a result of digital analytics, a novice entrepreneur is obliged to understand what amount he needs to invest in his business, what income he will receive over a certain period of time and what net profit awaits him after the designated period. It is also planned with the utmost precision exactly when your business will reach the payback point.

Costs can be divided into two parts: one-time (to a startup) and flow. In the case of the option of renting a room, and not with a purchase, you will once pay for repairs, furniture and equipment, including other equipment, and for registration of permits.

Current expenses - rental fees, staff salaries, documentation updates, food and alcohol purchases, all kinds of damages, force majeure and advertising. That is, it is important to know in advance what amount you should have in reserve each month so that your business can safely move on.

Revenues in this case are due to attendance and average check. Depending on the number of seats and the planned popularity of your establishment, you can predict how many guests per day you will receive.And starting from the target audience and prices on the menu, you can understand how much each of them will pay for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Live queue
Someone will get into the habit of going for coffee 6 times a day, and someone will regularly try new delights of your chef. You can not be sure for one hundred percent, but after carefully studying the area where you open a business, you can roughly calculate how much your cafe can bring per day.

Before you plan your business, a novice entrepreneur must pay special attention to choosing a place where there will be a cafe, the concept of the surrounding area is also important. If your target audience is students, then it’s better than nearby buildings of higher educational institutions and dormitories. But in addition to this, a pleasant landscape is very important, it is better to stay away from the roadway and a cozy place for a summer playground.

Choosing the right place will help your main marketing assistant work - word of mouth. Everyone should tell each other that you are good, while seeing where you are. Thus, your business will not require excessive investments in outdoor advertising, custom articles, flyers with discounts and glossy brochures that few people read anyway.

Now you can register

The next step is to arm yourself with backing legislation. Starting a business, an entrepreneur is obliged to become a business entity (SPD). From a global point of view, there may be two options: either an individual or a legal entity. The first case involves an individual entrepreneur (FLP), in the second there are a lot of varieties, but the most common is a limited liability company (LLC).

The girl at the start

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The main difference between them is quite simple: FLP pays less taxes, but in case of bankruptcy, it loses all property. In a bankruptcy LLC, you can lose only the authorized capital and its assets.

In our legislation, novice entrepreneurs will not find anything better for themselves than FLP. The simplest solution, unlike the organization LLC, especially since in the future you pay taxes significantly less. First you go to the state registration authority (usually with the executive committee) and register. Then you will be registered with the state tax authorities.

The third step will be the choice of taxation system - general or simplified.In the case of FLP, a simplified payment is chosen, that is, the payment of a single tax, for which a corresponding application is submitted to the tax inspectorate.

Fourthly, you will get a book of expenses and incomes (or a book of incomes, depending on the type of activity), sold in kiosks near the STI buildings in the flashed and numbered form. In the tax book and file an application with a request to register.

The fifth step will be writing and submitting an application to the tax inspectorate to receive an extract from the Register of the single tax payer. Then you order a seal at any firm for their production, open a bank account and be able to start the game.

Little secrets for long voyage

The reasons for the failure of most projects lie in elementary oversights, shortcomings and trivial ignorance. Many young entrepreneurs start their business by renting an office, buying equipment, and then go into debt. They are lazy just to count, the concept is not taken at all into account. You can start a business at home using your phone and the Internet, and then, if necessary, rent an office.

Employees in the office
Europe has long taken for grantedthat business begins with subordination and construction of a vertical management company. Each employee must perform exclusively his function. Do not allow your employees to “jump over your head,” and do not allow yourself to be like that. You will be able to avoid wasting time, staff turnover, and your business will have less chance of suffering a fiasco.

Learn from European colleagues the standards of service, even in the case of opening a butcher shop. People will go where they greet them, and everyone loves to meet a sincere smile on their way.

There is a good example of a shopping center that worked for 6 months, which then closed. The plumbing department was on the first floor, dentistry was on the second, the laser medicine center was on the third, and the billiards club was on the fourth. Always choose a room so that it is logical to come to you along the way.

And, of course, a person starting his own business should be especially attentive to the selection of employees and be able to listen to them. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, uttered a wise phrase on this subject: “As far as I remember, we still haven’t made any acquisitions, except for acquiring talents, which, in my opinion,one of the best things we have done. " He created the first social network, and it reached such a scale that it sometimes becomes scary to himself.

And about the bold ideas that often die under the influence of amateurish criticism, the late genius Steve Jobs put it very wittily: “It’s impossible to create a good product based on people’s polls or using focus groups. People themselves do not know what they want until you show it to them. ”

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  • How to make a business out of an idea

    How to make a business out of an idea

    How to make a business out of an idea

    How to make a business out of an idea

    How to make a business out of an idea

    How to make a business out of an idea

    How to make a business out of an idea

    How to make a business out of an idea

    How to make a business out of an idea

    How to make a business out of an idea

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