How to get rid of chronic fatigue

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How to get rid of chronic fatigue?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) entered medical dictionaries in the mid 80s of the last century, when doctor Paul Cheney, who lived in the small American town of Incline Village, registered about 200 cases of this disease there. About how it differs from ordinary fatigue and how to cope with it, we will tell in our article, as well as read what are the best ways to strengthen the immune system of an adult today.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Symptoms

Althoughchronic fatigue syndromeas a disease was recognized only in 1984, cases of this disease were recorded earlier: in 1934 - in Los Angeles, in 1948 - in Spain, in 1955 - in London. This disease cannot be called common: according to statistics, in the USA it affects 10 people per 100 thousand of the population, in Australia this figure is 37 people. Women between the ages of 25 to 45 years and adolescents are less resistant to chronic emaciation.

Man is tired

Let's see what chronic fatigue is different from the usual fatigue that most of us experience after a busy day.

Chronic fatigue - symptoms:

  • incessant feeling of fatigue that lasts for several months. From time to time we may feel weakness and weakness, but if they pursue us day after day, although we do not experience physical and psychological overloads, it means that we are dealing with CFS;
  • the body temperature constantly keeps between 37 ° C and 38 ° C or very often reaches these limits, although there are no visible reasons (viral infections, injuries, etc.) for this;
  • dryness of the mucous membrane of the eyes and throat. The same signs are observed in conjunctivitis and sore throat, so first make sure that they are not present;

Dry eyes

  • chills, regularly covering the whole body. Isolated cases, especially those associated with colds, are not taken into account;
  • frequent causeless migraines. They are usually caused by vegetative-vascular dystonia and osteochondrosis. Your lack of these diseases suggests that perhaps your headaches are a consequence of CFS;
  • regular muscle and joint pain, with no obvious reason for the appearance. For example, you do not suffer from osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis and gout, you have never been injured, and for some reason the joints regularly remind of themselves with acute or aching pain;
  • shortness of breath that occurs with the slightest acceleration or a slight increase in physical activity. The feeling of lack of air and increased breathing, appearing during the ascent to the third floor, may well be signs of CFS;
  • an increase in the size of the lymph nodes in the absence of inflammatory processes in the body;
  • the appearance of various phobias, in particular, photophobia, as well as increased irritability, apathy, internal stress, decreased concentration, a sense of hopelessness.


If persistent fatigue is accompanied by at least five of the above symptoms, you will be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome with almost a 100 percent chance.

Causes of chronic fatigue

Unfortunately, medicine cannot yet give an exact answer as to why a person is chased by constant fatigue. Today, there are two points of view regarding the causes of this disease:

  1. Fatigue syndrome occurs as a result of hidden chronic diseases or nervous disorders.
  2. Chronic fatigue is the result of excessive physical and emotional stress, as well as improper lifestyle.

Doctors identified a number of factors that, in their opinion, lead to the appearance of chronic fatigue:

  • Wrong way of life, exhausting the body. These include smoking and alcohol consumption, low physical activity and lack of oxygen, improper diet and non-compliance with the rules of occupational health;

Wrong way of life

  • herpes, retro-and enterovirus infections. Outwardly, they practically do not appear, but they weaken the vital forces of the body;
  • ecology. Researchers found that residents of industrial cities are more likely to suffer from chronic fatigue than inhabitants of villages and villages;
  • chronic diseases. A person who has a “chronicle” in his history, but who tries to lead a normal life, forces his body to work with a double load, and this depletes resources and provokes chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • nervous disorders. Stress, depression, constant anxiety and phobias exhaust a person, suppressing activity and energy in him.

Revealingcauses of fatigue, your doctor will be able to set the correct treatment vector. Therefore, already at the first visit to the doctor, it is important not only to describe in detail your feelings, but also to tell, as a result, they appeared.

Chronic fatigue: treatment and prevention

With a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, the treatment will be as follows:

  • the doctor will prescribe a combination therapy that combines medication, physiotherapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture;
  • for fatigue treatment to be effective, you will have to change your lifestyle: review the diet, excluding products that slag the intestines, and enrich it with vitamins, develop a new day regimen, evenly distribute the load, and ensure conditions for a good and healthy sleep.


Most likely, the doctor will advise the patient to go on vacation, and not necessarily at sea. The main thing is to change the situation, reconfigure yourself to another wave and arrange emotional and physical relief.

Fatigue syndrome is not a fatal disease, but neglect of its treatment is fraught with unpleasant consequences.Chronic fatigue leads to a decrease in immunity, and the body ceases to resist infections. The feeling of constant weakness is accompanied by depression, which can lead to the most unpredictable consequences: from sudden weight loss to suicide.

The basic rule for the prevention of chronic fatigue is only two words: know the measure. Do not overload yourself physically and emotionally, do not spend 12 hours a day at the workplace and do not deprive your body of healthy food; do not steal time from sleep, spend all night sitting at a computer, and do not be discouraged if someone has walked you up the career ladder. Keep a balance in everything, and you will never feel for yourself what CXU is.

Folk remedies for chronic fatigue

How to deal with fatiguefolk remedies? Immediately make a reservation: decoctions and tinctures alone will not cope with this task. First of all, you need to change the approach to your life priorities and eliminate the causes of the disease, and traditional medicine will only support your strength on this path.

The girl behind the monitor

Mixtures, decoctions and tinctures that increase vitality:

  • Energy mixture of 100 g of honey and 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar has a tonic effect on the body and gives strength.Take it should be 1 teaspoon per day, squeezed water, over a decade;
  • a glass of a tonic drink consisting of boiled water, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, drunk after eating, will also support your strength and eliminate the feeling of fatigue;
  • the infusion of Hypericum is also able to help in the fight against fatigue. It is enough to pour 1 tablespoon of grass with a glass of boiling water, let it brew for half an hour, and then drink 1/3 cup before eating for three weeks;
  • plantain infusion has the same effect. Prepare it in the same proportions as the infusion of Hypericum, but drink 2 tablespoons three times a day before meals. Course duration - 21 days.

If you still have questions about chronic fatigue syndrome, the answers to them can be found in the video:

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  • How to get rid of chronic fatigue

    How to get rid of chronic fatigue

    How to get rid of chronic fatigue

    How to get rid of chronic fatigue

    How to get rid of chronic fatigue

    How to get rid of chronic fatigue

    How to get rid of chronic fatigue

    How to get rid of chronic fatigue

    How to get rid of chronic fatigue

    How to get rid of chronic fatigue

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