How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

Maria Soboleva

How to fall in love with a guy? 10 main ways

The goal of falling in love with a guy is set by many girls. But not everyone knows how to do it right. Are there any special secrets of success for the opposite sex? We will talk about the 10 main ways to achieve the desired.

How to fall in love with a guy?

How to fall in love with a guy - 10 main ways

Even girls in puberty are already thinking about relationships with boys and are trying to please, to attract attention.
But how difficult it is for inexperienced future women to learn how to conquer youthful hearts!

1. We take beauty

Since childhood, many of us have been taught that appearance is not the main thing, you need to be a good girl, kind and obedient, and you will definitely be loved.
But we know that cute girls have more chances to fall in love with a guy.
Not everyone is destined to be super-models, but each of us must take care of ourselves.
Daily hygiene, skin care (be sure to get rid of acne), physical exercises to maintain shape are necessary if you want to look attractive.
How can you fall in love with a guy
It is difficult to fall in love with a guy for girls who dress vulgarly and defiantly, such that they will be used for the purpose of having fun.
It is possible (and necessary!) To be fashionable, but extreme is already too much.
Look for your style in clothes that will emphasize your individuality. And neater with makeup, it almost should not be noticeable.

2. Conquer femininity

There are girls who believe that you can please, if you are liberated (and we call it cheeky), imitate male behavior.
But you want to fall in love with a young man, and not be someone like a shirt-guy, with whom you can smoke, discuss a football game, compete in parkour.
Be sociable, but try to do without crude expressions. And do not actively intervene in the conversations of the guys. But a little coquetry does not hurt at all.

3. Serve yourself at its best

We’ll clarify right away that advice doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to build oneself, imitating the manner of youth idols, to try to ascribe to oneself qualities that are not there.
You are an individual, remain yourself. You obviously have a lot of advantages that you can demonstrate - you play excellent tennis, you dance incendiary at parties, sing in English, and you are fond of street art.
to beat a guy
Knowing your strengths, be confident. Just avoid arrogance, it repels anyone, the guy you like as well.
To fall in love with a guy, you need to be able to interest him - be aware of the latest news, learn more about things interesting to young people and him.

4. Radiate a positive

Princess-nesmeyany very few people are interested in, guys like smiling, sincere, positively looking at the life of a girl.
Let the subject of your sighs see that you are not inclined to whining, but treat the negative points with humor. You can, of course, complain about something, but only without tediousness.
Wit, too, will not be superfluous to demonstrate (if it is inherent to you, of course, inherent, inappropriate jokes can only push away).
In the company of friends, do not be afraid to laugh at something funny, but you should not discuss and make fun of someone - such things are unpleasant for many.
Love to children and animals, on the contrary, do not hide. This is a clear plus in the eyes of the guy you like.

5. We mask intentions

Even if your goal is to make a guy fall in love with you, you need to be aware of this.

Try to become this young man friend.You yourself will be easier to behave more naturally.

Fall in love with a guy
You see that he is interesting as a person - do not lower the bar, surprise him: outfit, haircut, new hobby.

Sometimes show weakness, ask for help or service. But only the request should be really feasible, for example, to help you choose a new tablet, to meet in the evening after a workout (and it is dark and scary to return alone).

Give him a chance to prove himself!

A little flirting at the same time does not hurt. It is unlikely that his friendly feelings will remain so for a long time ...

6. Show interest

Guys love attention too. Be interested in his life - childhood, family, hobbies and goals.

Ask about his studies or work, learn more about his hobby to be able to keep up the conversation on this topic.

Ask the guy for different things, ask for advice on what to do in a situation. If he has problems, learn to listen and support, to distract from trouble.

Sometimes you can give a guy a compliment, of course, when he really deserves it. He knows a lot, knows how to tell, he is distinguished from others by his IQ level? Check this box, it will be nice.

7. Something about independence

It is absolutely useless to spend all the time together.It is clear your desire to see him constantly. But you have other interests and things in life.

Invited to another company - do not refuse, a friend calls to sit in a cafe in the evening - go. Do not miss the bachelorette parties, dance classes or sports club.


He has to see - you have a rich life, you are in demand and many people are interested.

Sometimes you just need to be alone. Falling in love with a guy is easier when you periodically disappear from view.


You can even during friendly gatherings devote a little more time to another young man. Nobody has canceled jealousy.

8. No pressure!

Often the girls go too far - the relationship has not really worked out, and they are already trying to treat the guy as with their property.

Questions (and even interrogations) in order to find out where he was and with whom, constant calls, intrusive sms-ki - something that is not recommended to do.

Guys don't like criticism either. Even if he did not heed your advice and did something wrong, there is no need to aggravate the situation. He is so unpleasant, and here you are, you see, and I said.

By the way, girls, so you should not do in the future family life, to criticize men - it's more expensive for yourself!

9. Talking gestures

Body language can either alienate or attract a guy.

How to fall in love with a guy
If he notices how you nervously twitch a button (the edge of the skirt) for excitement, too often straighten your hair, cross your arms over your chest - your nervousness is unlikely to please him.

It is quite another thing - sometimes correcting the curl, casually casting an interested look, smiling kindly, as if accidentally touching the guy's shoulder, when you tell something enthusiastically. Such things usually "cling."

10. Little tricks

Falling in love with a guy can be, if you carefully try and do not forget about some important points.

Funny talkers, of course, nice, but until a certain point. Learn to listen, guys important such quality of girls.
Do not disclose to the end, do not blurt out your secrets, let the understatement remain, it will only stir up interest in you.
And you should not confide with a guy about your past novels or hobbies.
Poorly to speak about his friends is forbidden: the male attitude towards the male friendship is reverent.
Of course, these 10 main tips on how to fall in love with a guy are not at all instructions and not a guide to action. In life, in fact, love often comes suddenly, without any intervention, tricks and tricks.
Is it possible to fall in love with a guy
We just hope that our recommendations will help girls to behave with boys more easily and naturally, to communicate with pleasure and not to make too obvious mistakes.
And conquering men's hearts is still very nice! Fall in love and love yourself.

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways

    How to fall in love with a guy in 10 main ways