How to earn a novice photographer

Olga Nagornyuk

How to earn a novice photographer?

What a novice photographer does not dream of becoming a professional with his own studio, equipped with high-class equipment and bringing a steady income? Photographers-masters, when it comes to their novice colleagues, say: “Everyone thinks that photography is easy bread. This is the main mistake. ”

The photographer's hard bread

The desire to earn a living with a camera attracts many. For this reason, this business is one of the most highly competitive, and it is extremely difficult to get into it. We will tell you how a novice photographer will find his place in the sun and start earning income from his favorite hobby.

Ways to make money offline for a novice photographer

There is more than one case in which a newbie who graduated from a photo workshop courses, with his parents' money, purchased expensive equipment, equipped a studio and ... went bankrupt. You need to start with the accumulation of experience and the development of a customer base - they will be the foundation of your future income.

It is easier to start a career as a photographer for those who take the baton of the family business: the father will transfer his experience, equipment, and customer base to his son.

And what can a novice photographer earn on?

Working as an assistant with a professional photographer.

So you kill two birds with one stone: get acquainted with the subtleties of the craft and get a steady income. From day to day, next to a master of his craft, you can peek where he is looking for clients and how he communicates with them, stuff your hand in photography and photo editing.

Assistant photographer

You will also learn secrets that no teacher of photography courses will not say out loud.

Reportage photography

The scheme is simple: you can find announcements of upcoming events on the websites of the city hall and local media, go to the indicated place, shoot the event itself, its participants, catch interesting faces, find unusual angles, and then go to the editorial offices of newspapers and offer to buy your photos.

Reportage shooting

It doesn't work very often, but if your photos like the editor-in-chief, you will have a chance to become a regular freelance photographer. You will be called and ordered to shoot certain events, and you will replenish your portfolio, gain experience and, perhaps with time, you can qualify for the position of full-time employee.

Private photography

You can shoot birthdays and anniversaries, make portraits of family members, record momentous moments in its history. The catch is where to find customers.

Professionals advise to get a hand on free photo shoots: post on social networks and bulletin boards (for example, Avito, OLX, etc.) their offer to provide free photo shooting services (or for a nominal fee) and build a portfolio on the basis of clients who come through it.

Having on hand what to show, it is necessary to start creating the site and put on it the best samples of work. Lure customers through the same social networks. Over time, the word of mouth will also work: good rumor will lead to your doorstep of new customers.

The method of away shooting also works well: go to places of mass recreation (parks of culture, attractions, beaches, yacht clubs, etc.), take pictures of the guests, show them a photo on the camera screen and hand over your business card with the frame number and date of shooting, offering to call and redeem this shot.

Vacation in the city with a camera

Put a low price: novice without experience will not pay much. We deliberately do not give figures, because depending on the region and the level of competition, the cost of services differs significantly.

Studio photo shoots require appropriate lighting equipment. It can be rented from fellow photographers (professional photo studios have such a line in the price list) or purchased by receiving assistance from a start-up at an employment center.

Shooting weddings

A full-time photographer works in the registry office, but outside of it on the set of “love story” and the celebration itself you are fully capable of earning extra money. In addition to advertising your services in social networks, on your own website, message boards and wedding portals, use the registry office staff, who will, for a fee, take to recommend your services to couples who apply for marriage.

Shooting weddings

At the initial stages, while there is no experience, you should not set a high price and take more than $ 55-100 for such work.

At children's photo shoots

Try to find an approach to the heads of kindergartens, school principals and rectors of universities, since it is they who will have to apply for permission to conduct the shooting in the institution entrusted to them. You do not get a box of chocolates, get ready to share the income received, the amount of which is on the Internet, for obvious reasons, is not disclosed.

Try to find the person who will give you protection.Remember all your friends, former classmates, relatives, connect personal connections and go ahead.

Cooperating with advertising agencies

They often hold photo shoots when they develop layouts for corporate calendars and advertising booklets, and they almost never have full-time photographers.

Photograph for an advertising agency

With the help of Google, make a selection of advertising agencies and printers located in your city, build a portfolio and go to a meeting with the leaders of these companies.

Show interesting diverse works, tell about your advantages (for example, you are mobile and ready to work at any time of the day, have lighting equipment for interior and studio shoots, are fluent in photoshop, etc.) and sound lower than your competitors. In general, try to successfully sell your services.

Advertisers are creative people, but they are usually headed by a practical person who can count money. If your director's portfolio is impressive, and the price will please, orders will be in your pocket.

It is quite easy to find out the prices of competitors: call one of them, introduce yourself as a bossadvertising department of a non-existent enterprise and under the pretext of monitoring the prices for photographing products, ask them to voice the cost of 1 file with editing in Photoshop.

Practice shows: wanting to get a new customer, photographers openly voice the price of shooting. However, be prepared for additional inquiries from their side, therefore, “work through” the legend: where and at what time of day the proposed photo session will take place, and in what amounts you will have to shoot.

On interior photography

Hotels and restaurants regularly update their photo archives, conducting photo shoots, on average, twice a year. Offer photo services to the marketing departments of these businesses.

Interior photography

But go there, only having a portfolio of interior shots. Advertisers will evaluate whether you are able to choose the right angle and arrange the light, whether you have the necessary equipment used when shooting in small rooms, and whether you are able to make an artistic photo, shifting the emphasis to interior details.

Marketers often search for photographers on specialized resources: Photographers, Dayx, Fotopoisk, Fotose, Si-foto, etc. In order not to miss potential customers, we recommend registering on such sites and putting your portfolio there.

Using subject shooting

Online stores and online shopping sites often hire photographers to take goods and process photos according to certain requirements.

It is easy to get to the managers of online markets: their phones are listed on the sites of stores. Then you act according to the scheme: call, present yourself, offer your services, voice the price and send the portfolio. Such a survey is cheap - about $ 1.5-2 per file, but orders are usually voluminous, and the earnings are quite good.

Filming for entertainment

One of the chips of the promotion of nightclubs is photo reports about fashion parties, parties and concerts. There are no such institutions in the staff of such establishments, and those who need photo lighting are held weekly, so the administration of clubs has to hire people with a camera on their side who can take pictures in poor lighting conditions and take little money for it.

Event photography

By the way, if the management of the establishment does not prohibit, hand out your business cards to their customers. Perhaps someone wants to play not only in the club entourage.

Participation in photo contests

Google the Internet: the community of photographers often hold contests with a solid prize pool. Perhaps your fresh look, creative approach and extraordinary vision will ensure your victory.

Earnings on a photo through the Internet

Customers do not always use the services of photographers, preferring to buy the necessary illustrations in photobanks. The owners of such resources and photographers who trust them with the sale of their work earn money on this. Merge your archive into the photo bank and receive from $ 0.30 for each downloaded photo.

Register on the resource (or better on several at once), select a series of photos, process them according to the requirements of the photo bank, select descriptions for them using keywords (call Yandex wordstat for help) and post them on the website. When the photos are moderated (they will be checked for quality and commercial interest), they will be available for download.


We do not recommend putting flowers, animals, landscapes - they are bought very badly and the moderators are very skeptical of them. Good demand is observed in photos related to the theme of fashion, business and people.

When removing the latter, try to make the person unrecognizable,otherwise, you will be required to submit an official document confirming the transfer by the model to you of the copyright for the commercial use of its image.

The best Russian photobanks are Fotolia, DreamsTime, BigStockPhoto, Shutterstock, iStockphoto, 123RF, Stockxpert, CanStockPhoto, Crestock and Albumo. According to the feedback from their partner photographers, these resources work honestly and on time transfer the commission.

How to use photobank:

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • How to earn a novice photographer

    How to earn a novice photographer

    How to earn a novice photographer

    How to earn a novice photographer

    How to earn a novice photographer

    How to earn a novice photographer

    How to earn a novice photographer

    How to earn a novice photographer

    How to earn a novice photographer

    How to earn a novice photographer

    How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer How to earn a novice photographer